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The Fitness Industry Is On Fire

GET A JOB IN FITNESS THEY SAID. A booming industry, they said. Get paid to look ripped and play on your phone while someone else lifts heavy things, they said. And they were right for a while. But what goes up, must come down. GET SELF EMPLOYED IN FITNESS THEY SAID You can make $100k a year purely off word of mouth and referral they said. You don't have to get good at marketing you can rely on a big box gym to feather your nest they said. Just get really really good at technique they said. And they were right for a while. But mediocrity is common. And resting on your laurels, relying on things to be easy forever is suicidal. And what goes up, must come down. YOU WON'T SURVIVE THIS NEXT MONTH THEY SAID Not unless you risk your clients lives by trying to get away with shit that is probably going to spread a pandemic they said. You can't make money at a time like this it's wrong to sell business growth ideas to an industry that's out of ideas they said. You can't even process payments they said. What goes down next is going to be hard. UNLESS You decided to actually innovate. Pivot. Prepare. Unless you decided to be consistent and show up and make the necessary changes to protect your clients. Deliver excellence. Grow your income and your business without going F2F 1:1 in person. What you do consistently every day is who you are. WHO ARE YOU? Are you despair? Are you negativity? Are you already giving up? OR ARE YOU IN, 100% AND GOING TO WIN THIS FIGHT? The choice is yours If you are ready to fight but don't know where to start. Let's book a call RIGHT NOW. Because every day you delay pushes you closer to never recovering from this. It's your choice Shoot me an email at lachlan@rebuildfit.com with "I'm Ready to fight" and your phone number, and we will make sure that you are one of the few who will rebuild the fitness industry. Now is your moment Until then, Lachlan "Rebuilding Fitness" Farley

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