• Lachlan

Our Finest Hour

Have you seen the movie Apollo 13? The central theme of the movie is that the crew of the Apollo 13 spaceship are in a desperate situation that requires an "All Hands on Deck" moment to beat the odds and save the crew. There was lots of pressure and never had the stakes been higher, Mission control had to produce creative solutions to save the crew, they did so with things they didn't believe possible. This is basically where you are right now, YOU ARE mission control. And your business and everything you have worked for is Apollo 13. So the question becomes, what are you going to do? Because let's be real here if you are any good at what you do, it's not just you that needs saving, is it? I had a call from one of my gym clients, and she said to me that you must do whatever it takes to survive this because I need you. "This has nothing to do with being kind and caring, I need you, you have been the only ones who have ever made a difference to my health and well being, and I can't go back to where I was before. So do you understand me, you do whatever it takes to make sure you are standing at the end of this. " And she can rest assured we will be, with over 90% converting onto online training, with no reduction in fees. And new people coming on board, we are going to be just fine. So now is your moment to step up, To take charge and not be like one of these whining people who go on about why is this happening to me. There is a great scene in the movie (the picture attached) where the NASA director is focusing on the negative. Whereas, Gene sees this as a moment to shine. This is YOUR moment, your finest hour. But only if you will stand up and take it. We are living in an uncertain time, potentially the most significant threat we will face in our lives. We are literally living through a history-defining moment, and most of the world is running around like headless chickens bulking buying toilet paper, freezers and fitness equipment. But those who stand tall, who stand in certainty and provide leadership will come through this as hero's (even if it's just in your small community) We have a chance to rebuild fitness because it has been burnt to the ground, and it will never be the same again. So you can either choose to cry about why this is happening and join the rest of the world in fear and scarcity. Or you can take control, become the leader you know you should be, and lead your community through to a brave new world. Because those people need your god damn help, and every day you spend with your head in the sand, you are letting them down. So what's it going to be? Are you going to get creative, look after these people and have this be your finest moment? If you're ready Email me at lachlan@rebuildfit.com with "I'm Ready To Lead" and your phone number, and we will book a phone call to work out how you can pivot and create something amazing. That's all I have for you. Until then, Lachlan "My Finest Hour" Farley P.S if you are like some of the people who are saying I'm fine I've gone online, But you lost the majority of your clients and haven't made any new sales. You're still fucked, actually probably more so, So let's cut the bullshit and have a chat about how you will actually survive this.

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