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$60k In Before I Actually Did The Work

One of the reasons why I wanted to help trainers make their gyms successful is because I was one of those guys who's made every mistake under the sun.

Who has wasted more money than I'd care to admit or figure out

Who has done it all, and then some in the pursuit of success.

And yet I've been in these mentors groups and seen these guys who pay their money, and then never actually do the work.

They do enough so they can claim they're "working", but everyone knows they want a scapegoat for why it didn't work.

Because it better to say I tried, but it was the wrong program than admit it was them that was the problem.

I thought to myself that would never be me.

And then it was.

I was successful, pretty damn successful if I'm honest.

And I signed up for this mentor who was notorious for taking things to the next level I was excited.

I signed up

But his methods made me extremely uncomfortable not because they were bad.

Because they asked more of me to be successful, and I had to accept getting rejected a lot more.

I had gotten to the point where I could make sales for my gym in my sleep, $2500 upfront and a minimum of $125 a week on a multi-year agreement.

Was banging out 1-2 of those a week.

Life was good.

Life was comfortable, didn't have to work much.

Basically came in to make sales, and looked after the back end of the business and that was it.

I was too comfortable.

So when my mentor challenged me to step way outside my comfort zone, like standing on a ledge in a thunderstorm holding a metal umbrella, uncomfortable.

I freaked out.

And hid away and didn't do any of the work.

Like none of it

But I knew I wanted to make it happen.

So I doubled down

I went to one of their events.

Did the work and you know what happened?

I made some money.

But only half doing the work, semi-staying in my comfort zone to make this money. Only doing the low hanging fruit.

So I get home, and I return to my shell.

Where it was easy.

Fast forward, now I'm really unhappy, so I sign up for their top tier program.

This is the most intense thing under the sun, and it cost what some people make in a year.

But I know that I have to push myself to make this shit happen.

So here we go.

And again, I make some money.

I learn a shit tone

I work my ass

And yet the same thing happens again; I revert into my shell.

This when I realised that throwing money at this problem isn't the answer.

I have to work out my shit.

I have blown 60k trying to get the technical shit down when what is really required is some introspection.

Some personal development

Some work on me

I need to battle my demons.

When I got the help with this, that's when everything changed.

That's when the results came rushing in.

Because some times it's not just about doing the work, it's about how you show up.

It's about how you look after yourself.

It's about fighting those demons that live between your ears.

Yes, you need the technical skills, but so much of business is about the person you are becoming.

So take a look inside.

Is it you that's holding you back from the success that you desire?

What's between your ears and how you treat yourself will deliver more success than another FB lead gen product ever could.

It's time to look after you.

Not sure where to start?

Email me at lachlan@rebuildfit.com and let's see what we can do to look after you.

Until next time,

Lachlan "Slaying The Demons" Farley

0423 910 346

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