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5 No Cost Strategies To Grow Your Gym

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Too many people are like FB ads are the only way to get leads, this drives me nuts because most trainers don't have the time or capacity to truly master Fb ads,

And if you aren't making enough money as it is, which let's be real most trainers aren't, most are living week, and basically killing themselves to own a job.

So I'm not going to talk FB ads for even more reasons


Done right It's about teaching principles, not exact things because the algorithms change all the damn time.

You shouldn't rely on one source of lead generation because you leave yourself vulnerable.

Posting pictures on FB isn't lead Gen, just so you know.

You have a physical business, stop relying on digital means to pick up clients.

The last one is the one that gets most people.

Including myself, I fell in the trap for ages.

Because it's "easier."

I'd pay people to run my ads because I didn't want to know.

The three areas that you need a solid understanding and you can never fully relinquish control of are;




If you don't know exactly what's going on these areas, you are flushing money down the toilet and risking your whole business.

Get good at these areas, even if you do have someone else do them, so you can understand what's happening.

Anyway, I digress.

With lead gen get out into the community, there are many free methods to connect with clients and become part of the community.

Plus these options will always be more straightforward sales.

1. Become a local celebrity/expert.

Find out who does the local radio and do a weekly segment on health and fitness tips.

*Bonus* live stream it to your FB account for instant extra content.

Submit articles to the local paper.

Go talk to local business about presenting to their staff on, (this part is essential, and often overlooked) something that impacts them and the company.

Approach a local coffee shop and offer to pay for new menus and in exchange, they have specials listed under "Insert Business Name" recommended.

2. Upsell Current Clients

No one is as easy to sell, as someone who already knows, likes and trusts you.

As long as it provides value, current clients are always the most natural sale.

Create something new and call all clients who you think will benefit from it, and pitch them. (but remember it's about what they value, not what you think they value).

3. Referrals

The same thing, getting current clients to refer their friends and family means you already come with a seal of approval.

These are easy sales.

Incentives both parties to make them more inclined to help you out.

*Bonus* is even easier if done directly after a sale or a win.

If they have just smashed a goal, that would be the best time to ask, because they are buzzing from the win and how you made that happen.

4. Collaborations

Find other local business who would serve your niche and do a collaboration.

This is a great way to share referrals and build each others business.

Also, you can incentivise them with cash, as long as you know the lifetime value of your client, you can set a price that suits to pick up referrals that sign.

I'd happily pay $500 for referrals that sign up because I know the lifetime value of one of my clients is $20k.

(If you don't know what I am referring to above, email me at lachlan@rebuildfit.com and let's have a chat because this is a crucial metric and you this is a solid reason why you aren't making the money you want)

5. Local Communities

Join things in your local area like chambers of commerce, toastmasters, business groups, walking groups, dog clubs, rotary, whatever it may be.

Wear a branded shirt, and get involved help the community, become apart of it.

Network like crazy

And please for the love of God don't pitch straight off the bat.

But meet people, become known.

Be known as the fitness expert.

So when it does come up, you are the first person they think of.

That's just to name a few

But it boggles my mind how many people aren't apart of the community and don't get out amongst it.

And it may take time, but that's ok, building that community spirit and goodwill, will return tenfold down the track.

Plus it doesn't cost you any money, just time.

So there you have it 5 simple ways to grow your gym for FREE

Want to dive deeper on this?

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