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Why RebuildFit Came To Be

Having spent over a decade in the industry, spending literally 100's of thousand's of dollars on certifications, business coaching, mentors, programs, ads, marketing agencies and more.

Wasted years struggling along trying to work it out, how to get ahead, how to provide for my family and not have to work 100+ hours a week.

Once I finally made it out the other side, I wanted to help others, to stop them having to suffer through the way I did. To stop wasting time, money and effort.

To build a business that works for you.

Teach you how to work on the business, not in it.

This is why I created RebuildFit so that you can rebuild your fitness business to serve you better.

Not Another Quick Fix "Guru"

Focused on building a solid business

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How To Make Sales

If you can't/wont sell, you don't have a business

Sales isn't a dirty word. Sales is only sleazy if you aren't going to deliver on what you say. If you provide a life-changing service you are ripping people off by not selling it to them. 

The sooner you can get your head around this the sooner you will change more lives. 

How To Niche And Market

It's So Much More Than A FB Ad

Building a women's gym is more than advertising to "women" on FB, it's the music you play, the language you use, how you fit out your gym, and more. 

You need to learn how to differentiate yourself from the masses 

Building A Sustainable Business Model

Consistent Income Vs Flash In The Pan

The most painful part of building a successful PT studio is that at what I thought was the peak of success if I didn't make a sale I was fucked. This is no way to live, build consistent income, it's the best thing you will ever do.

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